Clover Go

The right tool to build your vision.

Hardware Features

Accepts all payment cards

Connects to your device via Bluetooth

EMV, Swipe, Tap and Keyed

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Software Features

Custom item menus

Email or SMS Receipts

Calculate Tax

Track customer purchase history

Track employee's transactions

Free credit card reader

1 Free Card Reader with each account.

No Contract

A month-to-month plan. Cancel any time with no fees.

Next day funding

Confidence in Deposits every morning.

Ready to Go

Accept all card types out of the box anywhere you have a WiFi or or cellular connection. Just charge and pair with your Clover App on your Android and Apple phone or tablet.

Low-cost Processing

Our program saves our customers an average of 25% vs. Square or PayPal.

* Dock is not included.

Essential Tools

Create items, build orders, accept payments and text or email receipts all in the Clover Go App.

Critical Reports

All Clover devices share data in the cloud, allowing you to track all of your transaction, customers and employees from anywhere.


Track employees, customers and inventory from one device.


All of your devices share data across the cloud.


Your customer's info is kept secure with the latest in data security.

We know the direct sales industry like the back of our hand. We know the challenges you face, your growth goals, your expenses, funding times and the risks you take using services like Square or PayPal. That's why we have created a payment acceptance program with a stellar card reader that serves all of your needs and is cheaper and safer than Square.
Think of it as our contribution to the success of your business. So let's get you set up.

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